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Pogland Trilogy : book 1 
sci-fi suspense

When JulieAnn Bishop's family is arrested and taken to get "the Shot", she's left all alone in a hostile world. She makes her way from the only home she's ever known on the heights of the Angeles forest to the capital of North Newland, a glass city rising high amidst the ruins of Los Angeles.

Quickly swept into a strange world where right is wrong, friends are enemies, and everything pivots on a virtual Game, she searches for her family depending on lie after lie to protect her identity. How long can she hide her faith? Or will this city, its pleasures, or the infamous Shot steal it from her? A series of discoveries rocks her world, propelling her into an adventure of science, genetics, deceit, social manipulation, alternate realities, and pure evil.

Can one Christian make a difference against so much wickedness? The fight is real, and it's not fiction.

(Release date: Fall 2020)

That Darn Tree
and Other Things Your Mother Didn't Tell You
about Suffering, Pain, and Broken Hearts
Non-fiction, apologetics

(Release date: Winter 2020)

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Contemporary Christian novel
The Last Noel: A Love Story of Christmas
(Early Release Date: Summer 2020)


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